I’m interested in low-level programming, C and C++ and particularly interested in solving physics problems with the aid of computation. I am passionate about algorithms, data structures and testing.

I have experience developing a range of physics-based simulations, from 3D game engines to cosmological simulations of galaxy formation.

I also have a strong understanding of the scientific stack, SciPy (including numpy, matplotlib, and pandas). I utilise these tools everyday to handle big data produced by n-body cosmological simulations.

Current projects

A tabulated list of notable software projects I am currently involved in with brief descriptions of my contributions.


Project member and maintainer (2018-)

yt The yt project is open-source, python package for analyzing and visualizing volumetric data. yt supports structured, variable-resolution meshes, unstructured meshes, and discrete or sampled data such as particles.

I tend to work on the development and maintence of the particle-based datasets. I have made large contributions to both the performance critical, Cython accelerated backend and the user-facing Python API. I have contributed ~30 pull requests (PRs), 20 code reviews and regular contribute in the triage of issues and PRs.


pyquad is open-source, python wrapper for the extensive and robust GNU GSL mathematical integration routies.

The library provides a simple python API for doing repeat intgrals of the same integrand with varying bounds and/or integrand parameters. These integrations can be completed in parallel. In general the pyquad can achieve a wall clock reduction of over two orders of magnitude compared with competing libaries.

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