Below is a list of publications from my time in astronomy, which you can also find at ADS or ORCiD


  1. Apostle-Auriga: effects of different subgrid models on the baryon cycle around Milky Way-mass galaxies Ashley J. Kelly, Adrian Jenkins, Alis Deason, Azadeh Fattahi, Robert J. J. Grand, Rüdiger Pakmor, Volker Springel and Carlos S. Frenk ADS, arXiv
  2. Determining the full satellite population of a Milky Way-mass halo in a highly resolved cosmological hydrodynamic simulation Robert J. J. Grand, Federico Marinacci, Rüdiger Pakmor, Christine M. Simpson, Ashley J. Kelly, Facundo A. Gómez, Adrian Jenkins, Volker Springel, Carlos S. Frenk and Simon D. M. White ADS, arXiv
  3. Projecting SPH Particles in Adaptive Environments Josh Borrow and Ashley J Kelly arXiv
  4. The origin of X-ray coronae around simulated disc galaxies Ashley J Kelly, Adrian Jenkins and Carlos S Frenk MNRAS, ADS, arXiv
  5. PyAutoLens: Open-Source Strong Gravitational Lensing James. W. Nightingale, Richard G. Hayes, Ashley J. Kelly, et al JOSS, ADS, arXiv
  6. Powderday: Dust Radiative Transfer for Galaxy Simulations Desika Narayanan, Matthew J. Turk, Thomas Robitaille, Ashley J. Kelly, et al ApJS, ADS, arXiv


  1. pyquad: parallel python wrapper for the GNU GSL integration routines Ashley J. Kelly github, zenodo, ADS


  1. Learning dynamical information from static protein and sequencing data Philip Pearce, Francis G. Woodhouse, Aden Forrow, Ashley J. Kelly, Halim Kusumaatmaja and Jörn Dunkel Nature Comm., ADS, bioRxiv


During the last few years I have a given a variety of talks both about science and software. The audiences range from the general public to experts. Below is a selected list of talks,


  1. Apostle-Auriga: twins seperated at birth ICC, Durham UK
  2. X-ray emission from simulations DEX VVI


  1. Optimising galaxy simulations for Intel Optane memory IPCC
  2. X-ray corona of simulated galaxies NAM, Lancaster UK
  3. Pint of Science: Grow your own galaxy (general public) Newcastle UK
  4. X-ray luminosity to baryon mass ICC, Durham UK


  1. Using SWIFT with yt ICC, Durham UK
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