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Hi, I’m Ash – I’m currently a software engineer at Electronic Arts (EA), where I am part of the Frostbite physics team. My work focuses on developing in-house collision detection and rigid body physics solutions used in AAA titles.

Before this, I undertook a PhD at the Institute for Computational Cosmology (ICC), graduating in 2022. At the beginning of my PhD, I worked extensively on the formation and evolution of galaxies and their baryonic environment using state-of-the-art hydrodynamical simulations. Towards the end of my PhD, my research focus has shifted to understanding the fate of the universe’s smallest bound dark matter structures. I used advanced mathematical techniques to accurately model the orbital dynamics of systems with dynamical mass ranges spanning over twelve orders of magnitude.

I’m also strong advocate of people from underprivileged backgrounds. I’m involved in a range of work attempting to provide the same opportunities as received by their peers. As part of this, I’m a tutor for the Levelling Up: Aspire Hire programme at Durham University.

I’m available for free career advice, personal statement help, and public talks about STEM careers. Please feel free to email me!

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